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Xtol is a photographic developer manufactured by Eastman Kodak company.. Xtol is one of the few developers that do not contain hydroquinone.It uses 01.02.2007 · Formula for Kodak Xtol please.. Discussion in 'B&W: Film, Paper, Chemistry' started by Puretranquility , Jan 28, 2007. ... that we do...

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It’s not a fine grain developer so best not used with 135 or 120 format. Xtol, a Kodak Alaris product, is IMHO, the king of B&W developers. As Mark Covington says "Xtol is one of the few developers that do not contain hydroquinone. It uses derivatives of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and Phenidone as developing agents.

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révélateur: film: ISO: dilution: temps: température : Kodak XTOL: Kodak Plus-x: 125: 1+1: 8min15: 20° détails: Kodak XTOL: Kodak Plus-x: 125: 1+1: 7min30: 21 ...

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Jan 07, 2011 · I thought the whole point of Xtol 1:3 was to pull shadow detail when pushing, so the low contrast property of the developer would be desired. I regually use Xtol 1:3 for [email protected], agitate for the first minute and then 15 seconds every 3 minutes. I do not use it for below @800.

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KODAK PROFESSIONAL XTOL Developer is a two-part powder developer for processing Kodak and other manufacturers’ normally exposed, pushed, or pulled black-and-white films. It offers full emulsion speed and easy mixing, and can be used as both a developer and a replenisher.

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Kodak Technical Pan Film can be developed in highly diluted Xtol. Here are Kodak's recommendations (no longer in the Xtol produces high film speed - that is, the true film speed, as measured by shadow detail, is about 1/3 stop higher than with D-76 or other standard developers.

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Kodak Selectol Soft Developer. A lower-contrast, warm-tone developer for black-and-white papers. TO PREPARE STOCK SOLUTION: Start with 3 U.S. quarts - 2.84 litres of water at about 90-100°F - 32-38°C. While stirring, add the dry chemicals from this packet. Stir until completely mixed.

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However for a recent photo-essay project I have been using TMax 3200 with Xtol developer. My concern is that while TMax 3200 is clearly advertised as a high-speed film and Xtol is a recommended Kodak developer - I found that when used precisely as recommended the results were between 2 to 3 stops under-exposed.

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For those that are reluctant to make up and suffer the inconvenience of a gallon of Kodak Xtol film developer. Here is a nice handy way of accessing an equivalent liquid version of that fantastic developer which has been, for us, the best film overall film developer there is.

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- Kodak Tmax 400 @320 asa - Kodak Xtol Stock (7,5 min. 20c) - - 24x30 cm print on Ilford FB classic - Tetenal Eukobrom paper developer 1+7 - Ilford Rapid Fixer 1+7. 1 year ago; Cascatelle di Monte Gelato. Mamiya 645 Super + Mamiya Sekor 45mm f/2.8 + Haida ND8 filter. Ilford FP4+ @160 asa + Kodak Tmax developer 1+9

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Kodak Xtol is a powdered black-and-white film developer that is easy to mix, less expensive than liquids and environmentally safe. It has comparable imaging qualities to Kodak D-76 with fewer health and environmental risks.
Kodak Xtol Data Sheet (pdf) Xtol is a low toxicity ascorbic acid developer with very high image quality at full emulsion speed and is suitable for most professional black-and-white films. Characteristics are convenient, room-temperature mixing, fine grain and high sharpness.
Processed in standard developers, including KODAK T-MAX Developer and KODAK T-MAX RS Developer and Replenisher. No need for a special developer. ROBERT C Kodak Tmax films are not C-41 processed. My favorite developer for this film is Kodak Xtol which is easy to mix and use.
It is possible that using yellow, red or green filters would help to attenuate the grain issue. I might also try processing with 1:0 undiluted developer. So, I still have some things to learn about this film and XTOL. I am also looking forward to comparing results using XTOL with some other films including TMAX and Kentmere.
Apr 14, 2013 · Film: Fuji Acros or Kodak TMY-2 (New TMAX 400) R09 “One Shot” Developer (Rodinal Replacement) Kodak Xtol Developer Ascorbic Acid Borax Or you can use 20 Mule Team Borax found at most Supermarkets. Distilled Water (a few gallons) Plus you will need, of course, your standard darkroom chems: stop bath, fixer, and hypo.

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It’s not a fine grain developer so best not used with 135 or 120 format. Xtol, a Kodak Alaris product, is IMHO, the king of B&W developers. As Mark Covington says "Xtol is one of the few developers that do not contain hydroquinone. It uses derivatives of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and Phenidone as developing agents.
Xtol does 90% of film developing work load. Here's why. It is suitable for nearly all black-and-white films giving true box speed, fine grain and high sharpness. Xtol is an ascorbic acid, vitamin c developer, and we all know vitamins are good for us so it must be good for your film as well. Xtol is a solvent developer, it produces fine grain by allowing silver to redistribute during development. Film photography - kodak xtol developer - new try out. This is my first time mixing Kodak XTOL Professional Film Developer. The instructions on the packet ...